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Access control solutions
Hotelier & Airbnb

Wireless online

IOS, Android, Web-based & open platform

The hotel system is designed to be able to automate any accommodation unit, both large hotels and hotel rentals. After booking via AIRBNB, BOOKING, EXPEDIA, etc., the valid virtual access key is automatically generated according to the accommodation. Due to scheduled access (by code, card or phone), reception is just an option. The doors can be opened remotely via the internet. Complete ONLINE remote access and management history from iOS and Android or PC app. The system can be managed by several administrators. OPEN PLATFORM system - integration and automation with PMS, KIOSK self service, smart hotel.

Card offline

hotel management software

Hotel access control with RF proximity card. Its validity and destination are specified at the reception. It does not require a PC connection and works on batteries with a viability of at least 1 year. They can be mounted on existing doors by non-professionals. A complex system can be created that includes locker rooms, building access, parking, elevator, etc. Easy to use and intuitive software, usable on different levels of access. Cards with special functions can be encrypted: master, floor, building, cleaner, free passage, etc. Reservations, room exchanges, group accommodation, etc. can be made. All operations are saved and the reports are exported to EXCEL.


IOS, Android, Web-based & open platform

Whether you are a ROMDAF customer or not, you can upgrade your existing system with a smart one. You can automate yourself so that technology works for you. Your customers will  appreciate access by phone, card or code. Your customers appreciate the effort you put into being able to live with the new CORONAVIRUS


Energetic efficiency