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Smart home system allows you to interact with the house, to have total control from anywhere, anytime and waiting for you, as you know that you wanted.

Did you know smart home system provide enhanced security and energy efficiency


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ZigBee wireless system allows remote control of a device IOS, Android or PC, on almost any electronic item in your home or yard dn. Gateway is central control over wireless ZigBee devices are networked and controlled from your phone or tablet. Gateway wireless stations can be connected to the internet LAN cable, WiFi or even 3G. Some Gateway and wireless router can be. Basically, smart gateway connects ZigBee devices with iOS & Android phone or tablet.


Illumination in a home is extremely important for both comfort and economy. The lights will be operated by sensors in the house or yard only when necessary or programmed depending on season, days or hours. It can create an environment more enjoyable by sharing color depending on the scenario chosen or created. The lights can be ordered directly from your phone or tablet.


Electric devices CAN BE ordered remotely programmed scenarios According to Directly from iOS or Android phone via wireless ZigBee outlets. Operable vertical or horizontal blinds. The barrier of can be opened from the phone and all devices with IR remote control CAN BE centralized and controlled from the phone.


ZigBee wireless sensors are multifunctional, able to control multiple devices at once: temperature and room humidity, light, alarm, send automatic notification or take a decision. The magnetic sensors at the door or send notification at every window opening and can automatically take a decision. The system can be filled with gas detectors, smoke, water, electronic lock.


ZigBee Cloud Camera connects directly to WiFi. Benefits from motion sensor and sends notification directly to your phone and record video to SD Card up to 32 GB. Video and audio communication allows monitoring directly from iOS, Android, PC. It connects to the smart home and serves as ZigBee Gateway.


ZigBee wireless system enables monitoring of the environment and its adjustment by a variety of sensors: smoke, carbon dioxide, dust, light, temperature and humidity, multifunctional. All these sensors were designed to improve the quality of life and the environment.


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